AATU Pet and Dog Food Brand packaging showing all varieties

AATU Premium Pet Food

An Amazon Black Friday digital campaign




Black Friday Amazon Campaign


Artwork, Creative, Design, Digital

AATU: The Brief

AATU sits at the top of the premium pet food market. The AATU brand was recently acquired as part of the Inspired Pet Nutrition portfolio. The client asked our team to create two short promotional films to support their Amazon Black Friday campaign.

The aim of the campaign was to promote the brands’ wet and dry dog food varieties, drive sales, and position the brand with the message ‘The First & Finest In Evolutionary Nutrition’. The client wanted to turn the focus away from luxury references previously used by the brand and instead highlight the ingredient provenance and benefits of their product.

The Process

Working to a tight deadline, we kicked off the project by creating a storyboard to present the creative and messaging to our client. The client also asked us to create some icons to feature throughout the film to help support the messaging and to bring it to life in a simple and straightforward way.

The Outcome

We brought the initial storyboard creative to life, applying the AATU brand, photography, animation and audio to our edit. The use of food photography, something that isn’t always featured in pet food marketing, helped us in highlighting the freshness of the ingredients used by AATU, visually supporting ‘The First & Finest in Evolutionary Nutrition’ message.

We created the films in 16:9 and 1:1 ratios, suitable for both desktop and mobile versions of the Amazon platform.

AATU Wet Food
AATU Dry Food