Project Weekend

Creating a stand-out campaign with a weekend vibe


Greene King


Project Weekend


Artwork, Creative, Design, Strategy

Project Weekend: The Brief

The client asked our team to create a suite of assets to drive the late-night and drink-led segment which they felt has been lacking behind in some of their pubs. The client wanted to move away from their usual brand colours and styles, and for the creative to have more of a night-time feel, appealing particularly to females.

The creative needed to be engaging and fun, and to make customers view their pubs as the place to go for weekend drinks.

The client asked that we take inspiration from some of their recently-invested pub sites and specifically the colours and styles of the wallpaper they have used.

The process:

Our team identified that there were quite a number of other pub chains using the ‘tropical’ route, so the challenge was to move this on from what was happening elsewhere but to tie it in with the wallpaper as requested by the client.

We closely aligned our creative route to work alongside the ‘tropical’ style wallpaper used in the recent investment sites by incorporating an eye-catching floral border based around the same colour palette.  We applied a neon effect to the headline copy to really make this stand out and to further reinforce the link with the interior style of newly invested pubs.