Grand National 2023

Creating a standout campaign for the biggest event in the racing calendar


Greene King


Grand National 2023


Artwork, Creative, Design, Strategy

Grand National 2023: The Brief

The client asked our team to create a suite of assets to promote the Grand National, which would appeal to the sports-based audiences in selected pub sites that they felt had not been utilised or explored deeply enough. The client wanted to create a design that aligned with the already-existing Grand National logo and creative to reinforce the recognisability of the campaign.

The creative needed to be engaging and distinguishable so customers could identify that their local pub is a great place to go and watch sports.

The process:

We closely aligned our creative route to work alongside the Grand National style used in the race by incorporating the same colour palette and our horse racing logo. We applied an animated element to our digital assets to ensure this stands out and to further reinforce the link with this iconic race.