National Storytelling Week 2023

A partnership between Wacky Warehouse and The Works


Wacky Warehouse


National Storytelling Week


Artwork, Creative, Design, Digital, Partnerships, Strategy


8000+ competition entries in seven days

National Storytelling Week: The Brief

National Storytelling Week takes place at the end of January each year. The client asked our team to develop a creative for the campaign to promote the week within 80+ Wacky Warehouse venues across the UK.

In addition to this, the client tasked our team with sourcing a corporate partner to support the campaign as well as to roll out a suite of print and digital point-of-sale assets with a clear call to action.

The Process

The Wacky Warehouse brand is relatively new to working with corporate partners to support and promote seasonal campaign activity. Earlier campaigns throughout 2022 showed that having a corporate partner onboard increased competition engagement and also supported the growth of the customer database.

Mindful of the Wacky Warehouse audience, our team identified several potential corporate partners who would be a great fit for this campaign, eventually developing a partnership with high street book and stationery supplier, The Works.

The creative look and feel for the National Storytelling Week campaign needed to be fun and playful whilst capturing the joy of reading and the imaginary places it can take you, and all of the characters you meet along the way.

The outcome

The campaign had a predominantly digital focus with a competition to win a voucher from The Works hosted on the Wacky Warehouse website. The Wacky Warehouse Facebook page provided the competition promotion and also a call to action to direct users to the website to enter. To further support the campaign, our team produced a suite of digital assets for both the website and social media. Subsequently, onsite table talkers directed guests to enter online, with a handy QR code to scan for access.

The competition gained 8,068 entries and reached 67,067 people on Facebook over seven days.

Finally, our team also supported the National Storytelling Week 2023 campaign by developing an idea to film a storytelling session that could be shared on social media. Dex the Dinosaur is The Works’ colourful mascot. We supported a video shoot that was filmed on-site at The New Florence Wacky Warehouse in Stoke-on-Trent.