Wacky Warehouse School Uniform Drive

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Wacky Warehouse School Uniform Drive


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Wacky Warehouse School Uniform Drive: The Brief

The School Uniform Drive campaign is a new initiative for 2023, a first for Wacky Warehouse. With the cost of living crisis and sustainability in mind, Wacky Warehouse wanted to launch a scheme that would help ease financial pressure and also reduce clothing waste.

The client asked us to design a creative that tied into the Summer campaign but was also unique to the School Uniform Drive project. The aim of the campaign was to encourage Wacky Warehouse customers to donate their pre-loved, second-hand school uniform to the Wacky Warehouse, which the site then distributed to local charities of their choice. Therefore, we needed to create a Donation Station alongside supporting POS and digital assets that were informative and eye-catching. 

We worked with our in-house designers to develop a design that incorporated elements of the Summer creative, but we changed the colours to more earthy tones to reflect the sustainability aspect of the campaign and included school uniform-themed illustrations to make the creative it’s own.

Throughout the project, we collaborated with the Wacky Warehouse PR team to ensure that the campaign was delivered successfully from a PR perspective.