Cask, Craft & Gin Festival 2022

A creative blend for Greene King’s Autumn campaign


Greene King


Cask, Craft & Gin Festival 2022


Artwork, Creative, Design

Cask, Craft & Gin Festival 2022: The brief

Our client requested marketing support to launch a cask, craft, and gin drinks festival within Greene King pubs throughout September and October.

The campaign aimed to inform customers that Greene King pubs are known as the place to go for a great selection of craft beers, cask ales and premium gins, building on the brewery heritage of Greene King and developing customers’ perception of the brand’s drinks expertise.

Our team was tasked with creating a logo and developing an initial look and feel for the campaign. The client requested a festival vibe but with more of an autumnal feel, without the overuse of the colour orange.

The process

Our client wanted to clearly convey the value message but also wanted to find a middle ground. The challenge was to develop a creative that had a gender-neutral feel while ensuring the messaging remained clear.

Our team created an initial look and feel for the client. Using strong colours which contrast strikingly, along with a mixture of bold fonts, and with each word contained within boxes, to make up one overall logo for the campaign.

The creative displayed a bold identity with strong festival vibes.

From the initial creative, our team produced a full suite of point-of-sale material to promote the campaign in pubs. Items such as bunting, beer mats, strut card, external correx, t-shirts and posters.