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Greene King Chef & Brewer Walkers Maps


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Greene King Chef & Brewer Walkers Maps: The Brief

Chef & Brewer has more than 130 pubs spread across the UK, and many of them are in areas that attract tourists and walkers. With charm and character, Chef & Brewer Pubs are a collection of unique, country-style pubs.

Understanding their customer base, our client wanted to bring more value to these pubs. Our team were asked to begin designing custom maps featuring popular walking trails and interesting places in the vicinity of specific Chef & Brewer pubs.

The maps showcase points of interest locally and are each supported by a QR code linking the user to the AllTrails website. This way, users can intuitively find the trails they’re looking for, while also learning more about the local area. The maps are displayed close to the entrance of the Chef & Brewer pubs and are easily visible.