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Flaming Grill St Patrick’s Day 2024: The Brief

Our Flaming Grill client approached us with an exciting challenge: to create a range of point-of-sale items to promote St Patrick’s Day, the most Irish day of the year.

he goal was to develop creative and captivating materials that embodied the festive spirit of St Patrick’s Day while highlighting various sporting events over the weekend. This campaign aimed to boost awareness, increase foot traffic, and drive bookings at Flaming Grill locations.

The Process

From the initial concept to the final product, our team handled every aspect of the project. Our design services were instrumental in developing a completely new creative style for the Flaming Grill brand. Here’s a breakdown of our process:

Concept Development: We brainstormed ideas reflecting the vibrancy and excitement of St Patrick’s Day. We focused on elements that would resonate with the target audience.

Design Execution: Inspired by the Irish flag, we used a striking palette of green, white, and orange to create a visually appealing design. Bold fonts and St Patrick’s Day-themed icons were added to enhance visibility and thematic consistency.

Digital and Print: Our designs were tailored for digital media and print, ensuring consistency and maximum impact across all channels.

Collaboration and Feedback: Throughout the project, we maintained close communication with our Flaming Grill client. This allowed us to incorporate their feedback.

The Outcome

The promotional content exceeded the client’s expectations. Our Flaming Grill was thrilled with the designs. The POS was successfully deployed across various digital platforms and Flaming Grill pub locations, significantly enhancing the visibility of the St Patrick’s Day promotions.

Our comprehensive approach to the St Patrick’s Day campaign for Flaming Grill not only met but surpassed the client’s objectives. By combining creative ingenuity with strategic design, we delivered a campaign that boosted awareness, increased footfall, and drove bookings, all while celebrating the festive spirit of St Patrick’s Day.

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