Flaming Good Milkshakes!

Creating a stand-out campaign promoting a brand-new milkshake trial in Flaming Grill pubs


Greene King


Flaming Grill Milkshake Trial


Artwork, Creative, Design, Digital, Photoshoot Management

Milkshake Trail: The Brief

The client asked our team to create a range of point-of-sale items to promote a selection of delicious new milkshakes on offer in a number of Flaming Grill pubs.

The creative needed to be engaging and fun, catching the eye of the younger customer, with bright colours and attractive photography.

Providing further support to the project, our team coordinated and managed a photoshoot at Grain Studio in Leeds to capture eye-catching images for the point-of-sale material. Working alongside a food stylist, photographer and designer we were able to gather a suite of images, perfect for print and digital media.


Utilising our copywriting service, the client tasked our team with some creative names for the milkshakes to make them stand out from the standard strawberry and chocolate. ‘Biscoff You’re Worth It’ received positive feedback from the team at Flaming Grill and also the team at Lotus.