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The Secret Sanctuary


The Secret Sanctuary Rebrand & Website


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The Secret Sanctuary Rebrand & Website: The Brief

The Secret Sanctuary offers over three decades of expertise in beauty services. Recognising the need to evolve, The Secret Sanctuary wanted to redefine its brand to tie in with opening a new salon at Sneaton Castle in Whitby and the introduction of many new and innovative services.

Our team worked on crafting a visual identity that mirrors the essence of The Secret Sanctuary. From a recognisable lockup and strapline to refreshed photography, a font package and a colour palette, each element was designed and selected to elevate the brand image and provide consistency.

The Secret Sanctuary logo
The Secret Sanctuary voucher
The Secret Sanctuary fonts

Brochure design

We were challenged to create a pricing brochure that’s not just informative but visually attractive. Our design promotes luxury and self-care, with each page carefully structured to guide customers through the range of services offered by both therapists, highlighting new and innovative treatments on offer.

The Secret Sanctuary Brochure outer cover
The Secret Sanctuary Brochure inner cover
The Secret Sanctuary Brochure treatment pages

Website reimagined

The Secret Sanctuary wanted an online presence that reflected their new identity. Our team created a bespoke website which is user-friendly, has aesthetic appeal, and crucially, is mobile responsive. The website highlights their revamped services and clear and easy ways to get in touch to book appointments.

Additionally, our team offered photography services, dedicating time to shoot images for both the Secret Sanctuary’s website and brochure. This also included editing services.

Attracting results

  • Welcomed over 8,000 unique users
  • Increased Google traffic by 1,000+ users
  • Attracted 500+ visitors from social media
  • Achieved over 20 top Google search term rankings
  • Engaged over 1,000 visitors on the Treatments page

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